Black Friday Sale Starts In
Dare to Save Big with Our Halloween Sale!


Just before the creepy weekend starts, we offer you a one time opportunity to save money with our early Halloween sale. Until 1 November you can get any DMXzone extension or template with 20% discount. Just use the promo code: HELLYEAH16 in your shopping cart. You can save even bigger if you combine the promo code with our multiple purchase discount. So the more you buy, the greater the discount.

*Note: The promo code does not apply to subscriptions, only extensions and templates. 

Download and Install of DMXzone Extensions, Now Even Easier!

With the latest version of our most powerful DMXzone Extension Manager, we made it required if you wish to download and install our extensions and templates. Now, when you click the Download and Install button, DMXzone Extension Manager will open automatically and will install the desired extension or template in your Dreamweaver in an instant. Keep in mind that you will not be able to install extensions offline and therefore you need to have an internet connection.

Make sure to check if you have DMXzone Extension Manager 1.1.4 for the automatic installation to work. 

Design Inspiration with Parallax Slider 2

There's one fine DMXzone extensions, which will greatly do the job if you need a tool to create stunning presentations on your website. It's called HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 and lets you divide your content into different slides and add multiple elements in each one to create awesome 3D depth illusion for your users. If you want to see what you can achieve with this extension, check out the showcases below and get it now as it's currently on sale!

Landing Page with 2 DMXzone Extensions
Bootstrap 3 Landing Page Template is a one page scrollable design, which meets the latest trends in web design. Its layout has been executed with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 to be fully responsive on any device screen. The HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 helps you slide any content and create stunning 3D depth illusion. You need to have the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver in order to install the template.
Also, we have HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 on sale so get it know if you miss this extension! 
One Template to Get you Started with Bootstrap 3
We have one more free template that's been improved. The amazing Bootstrap 3 Starter Template is everything you need to get started with Bootstrap 3 extensions or simply make your work with them easier. The template contains 3 pages, skeleton index, index navbar with fixed top and index navbar with static top. It includes 6 content blocks plus header and a footer which can be customized and reused. The layout is fully responsive and looks amazing on any desktop browser or mobile device. 
Make sure to have all the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver first, before installing the template. 
Fully Responsive Template for Your Next Project
This absolutely stunning template is what you need if you're currently working on a hotel related website. Of course, it can be also used for various other businesses due to its simplicity and great user impact. Supplied with a beautiful image slider, fully responsive layout, great navigation and content, it's a perfect starter template if you want to meet the latest design trends. 
The template has been designed with the latest versions of DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements, Navigation, HTML5 Slideshow 2 and DMXzone Google Maps 2 (currently on sale) and the same extensions are required in order to install it in Dreamweaver.
What You Missed This Week

This week was all about the upcoming dark theme in Dreamweaver CC 2017 so our developers updated a bunch of our finest extensions so they look great when the time comes. Among the updated tools you will find HTML5 Data Bindings Add-on - HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter, HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties, HTML5 Data Bindings State Management and HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater and also DMXzone Google Maps 2. All extensions are currently on sale so make sure to get the ones you still don't have.

More Darkness for Data Bindings Add-ons

HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter, HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties, HTML5 Data Bindings State Management and HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater are the next batch of improved extensions for the upcoming Dreamweaver CC 2017, which will probably be released during the annual Adobe MAX conference. Make sure to check out the showcases below, which feature some of these amazing tools.

If you miss any of these tools, until next Wednesday you can get them with discount as they're currently on sale! 

Goolge Maps and Data Bindings Join the Improved Club

We're super excited about the upcoming dark theme in Dreamweaver CC 2017! Finally! Our developers continue to make improvements on each and every DMXzone extensions to make sure that they work and look great on this new release. Today, we have updated versions of our DMXzone Google Maps 2 and HTML5 Data Bindings extensions so make sure to get their latest versions.

Until next Wednesday, you can get DMXzone Google Maps 2 with discount if you with to add markers to cities, addresses, businesses and events with info balloons on interactive, annotated maps and integrate them in your websites

Last Chance to Get Our Generators Cheaper

Three amazing Dreamweaver extensions are still part of this week's sale. Until tomorrow you can get Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator, Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator and Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator with discount. They will help you generate full forms based on HTML5 Data Bindings data source or a Server Connect Action file inputs, create and populate tables automatically and separate your content into single pages. 

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